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Warrior Bee

Bees are the epitome of a functional society. Selfless, they work collectively for the achievement of a common goal – bringing sustenance and life to the collective. When threatened, ordinary bees turn into warriors, if necessary, attacking and stinging unwanted perpetrators. This is a selfless act since any bee that stings dies. But the defence is for the benefit of the whole. Resistance is rewarded with survival. Mykola Zhuravel, a Ukrainian artist whose family for generations has cultivated bees, has developed a collection of beehive sculptures – an apiary – on the one hand functional in that each sculpture can house actual beehives, but also abstract, conveying messages as to what it takes to sustain the collective and how we, like bees, must work for the common good. These sculptures have been exhibited in numerous countries embodying evolving themes as the world around us changes.

This sculpture also pays homage to urban agriculture. Bees can be cultivated and co-exist in many forms. Those familiar with bees can house them and extract honey without safety wear or undue caution. There is a symbiotic relationship between the bees and their human partners. The bees pollinate and promote life. The bees supply sustenance directly through the production of honey. And their human partners provide the structure that allows the bee community to thrive.

View the impressive Warrior Bee sculpture outside the Farm!

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