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Pitch Count Limitations

2022 Lions-CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament 

We will be following the OBA 2022 rules concerning pitch count limitations. 

Beware: Pitch counts from CNE tournament games are carried over to your games following (or even preceding) the CNE Tournament. Several years ago one manager was suspended by the OBA for the entire year for ignoring pitch count totals incurred at the CNE in his following OBA playoff games; and two teams had to forfeit their OBA playoff games following the CNE Tournament. Your fellow coaches are aware and OBA conveners do contact us regarding teams in our final games, (prior to their playoff games). Be forewarned.

What Constitutes a Pitch?
  • Any time a pitcher throws to a batter when the ball is in play.
  • If a balk has been called and the pitcher throws to the plate, it counts as a pitch.
  • A pitch-out counts as a pitch.
  • Pitches made in an intentional walk* will count as pitches.

*A coach may indicate to the umpire that he/she wishes to issue an automatic intentional walk and no pitches need be thrown.  No pitches will be added to the pitch count.  Any pitches thrown prior to such a declaration will be recorded in the count.

What does not Constitute a Pitch?
  • Warm up pitches and pick-off throws.
  • A throw made while fielding a ball.
  • If time is call and the pitcher still throws the ball, it is not a recorded pitch (unlike a balk call, the ball is not in play).
  • If a pitcher throws home to throw out a runner trying to steal home, it is not a pitch.
Instructions to the CNE Pitch Count Recorder 
Count the Following Pitches Thrown: 
  • Strikes 
  • Balls (including pitch-outs and intentional walks**)
  • Thrown Balls 
  • Fouls 
  • Fair batted balls 

A player may not pitch on 3 consecutive days.

**A coach may indicate to the umpire that he/she wishes an automatic intentional walk issued.  In this case no pitches are required, the batter is awarded first base, and no pitches are added to the pitch count. However, any pitches made prior to the coach making such a declaration will be added to the pitch count.

The onus is on each team manager to ask you for anyone’s pitch count (which you must provide). You are obligated to inform only the home plate umpire when a pitcher has delivered his /her limit of 80 pitches. The umpire shall notify the pitcher’s manager that the pitcher must be removed.

It is the manager’s responsibility to remove a pitcher when that pitcher is no longer eligible, even if the umpire fails to notify the manager. Coaches be advised!

If a team has no remaining players eligible to pitch in the game, the opposing coach may designate one of his/her own players who have yet to pitch in the game to pitch for the opposing team. This player may not throw more than 30 pitches.


Where a player throws more pitches than is permitted the player’s team shall forfeit the game.  A second violation by the team results in an indefinite suspension of the manager/head coach.

You can see by the penalty that it is imperative that your pitch count is very, very accurate.

What is not a Pitch?
  • Warm-up pitches
  • Pick-off throws
  • Throws after fielding a ball or on a relay home (or other base)
  • Throws to home to throw out a runner going home
  • Pitch thrown after time has been called