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2024 CNE Girls U15 Fastball Tournament Rules & Regulations

  • Softball Canada rules will apply, subject to exceptions as indicated in these rules or as indicated by the Tournament Committee.
  • Teams will be composed of no more than 15 eligible signed players, plus one manager and one coach. 
  • Pre-Game Responsibilities
    • A Committee member will meet with team representatives to toss for Home Game 30 minutes prior to game time. The Home Team must occupy the third base team benches.
    • The team manager will be responsible for presenting their line-up, on the CNE provided line-up sheet, to the CNE scorekeeper 20 minutes prior to game time.
  • Games will be 7 innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration, unless tied after time expires.
    • Extra Innings:
      – 8th inning – the offensive team starts the inning with the last player officially out on 2nd base with no outs. 
      – 9th inning (if needed) and all succeeding innings the offensive player officially starts on 3rd base with one out.
    • Mercy Rule: 15 Runs after 2.5 innings, or 7 runs after 5 innings. Rule does not apply in semi-final or final games
  • Teams are guaranteed one game in a single elimination tournament with winners moving on.
  • Team coaches not wearing team uniform/jersey/windbreaker etc. will not be allowed in the coaching boxes.
  • Defaults & Player Eligibility
    • Teams are urged to be on hand one hour prior to game time. Any team not on the field with 9 eligible players at game time will default (although the Committee will use discretion depending on the circumstances).
    • For awards purposes all players must have participated prior to the championship game. This means that the player must be in full uniform and on the bench when not warming up or on the field playing.
  • If weather is doubtful teams must appear at the park, unless notified otherwise. If in doubt contact the Ball Park prior to traveling to the CNE. Please call the Ball Park number if you require any assistance or information. (Number will be provided at a later date.)
  • Managers and coaches will be held responsible for the conduct of their players on the field, on team benches and in the changing facilities.
  • Eligible players and/or coaches on the winning team only will receive championship team jackets (to a maximum of 17) and gold medals to a limit of 17 per team; and those on the runner-up team will receive (17) silver medals. Individual awards will be presented to the MVP and to the Most Valuable Pitcher in the tournament and to two players, one from each team, selected by each of the respective head coaches, (based on sportsmanship and overall contribution to team success).
  • The CNE will be responsible for ground conditions, balls, umpires and scorekeeper. Umpires are responsible for the removal of players, managers or coaches from the playing area for any infraction of the rules to preserve the integrity of the game at the CNE.
  • Protests will be honoured according to Softball Canada rules. The CNE Tournament Committee will render their final decision before the next pitch.
  • Infield practice will only be allowed for a team’s first appearance in the tournament if time is available. The team manager is responsible for the team having their infield when requested or forfeiting their infield time. The visiting team will be requested to take the first infield.
  • Teams that cannot honour their next scheduled game will be immediately eliminated from further competition. This includes semi-final and final games without exceptions.
  • Games called due to rain, darkness or for any other reason will resume at the exact score and play situation when play is resumed, regardless of time involved in delay.
  • The pitching distance shall be 40 feet and the bases shall be 60 feet.
  • Replacement Players
    • The names and ages of ALL players must be presented to the CNE Committee before the tournament begins in order to qualify for tournament play.
    • Any player picked up for the tournament must have permission from her coach to be eligible to play in the CNE tournament. A team may pick up a player who does pitch, but she may not pitch, but rather may play any other position. However, if your team loses a pitcher to the Nationals, or to injury, you may pick up a replacement pitcher.
  • Washroom facilities are located at the east end of the ball park.
  • The tournament committee has authorized the veteran umpire crew to add extra time for injuries or where stalling tactics are deemed to have been employed or in any situation where warranted in order to protect the integrity of the game. No warning is required.
  • Under no circumstances are teams or individual players, with or without their listed coaches, allowed to warm up or practice on the grassed area south of Remembrance Drive Roadway. There are plenty of available grassed areas or unused diamonds for this purpose. This directive will be strictly enforced.