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A photo of a panda bear laying in a forest

National Geographic

The CNE was proud to host the traveling exhibition National Geographic: The Greatest Wildlife Photographs at this year’s event. For 115 years, National Geographic has pioneered and championed the art of wildlife photography, and captivated generations of audiences with a steady stream of extraordinary images of animals in nature. From the very first such image to […]

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Benjamin Von Wong’s “Giant Plastic Tap”

Benjamin Von Wong is a Canadian artist, activist, and photographer, who is best known for his environmental art installation and hyper-realistic art style. This 25’ x 30’ world-famous art piece visually showcases the harmful effects of plastic usage on our plant and the need for greener alternatives.

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A photo of one of the giant gnomes featured in the entrance of Heritage Court at the CNE.

Nook of Gnomes

A whimsical world of gnomes “meet and greet” CNE visitors as they entered Heritage Court. Legendary spirits known for their small stature and misshapen features, gnomes have been creatures of the earth for centuries. However, at the CNE, the fabled gnomes have grown in stature! Rather than being tiny beings looking up at us, the […]

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Black and white photo of CNE guests on the fairgrounds

CNE Heritage: An Immersive Experience

New to the CNE this year, visitors were invited to travel back in time and walk through the iconic history of the Canadian National Exhibition. This stirring immersive experience showcased a snapshot of the CNE’s 144 year long history exploring themes like its architectural development, agricultural roots, military history, music and performance, art, manufacturing and fun […]

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Doorways to the Past

Using the technology of today to explore the CNE experience of the past, the Doorways to the Past project took us on a CNE journey back in time. Four self-contained installations were situated throughout the CNE Grounds, with two different experiences featured on either side. Guests were invited to download the AVARA app, hold their […]

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A photo of light projections inside the A Trip through 103: Therapy for the Soul exhibit

A Trip through 103: Therapy for the Soul

This year, the Enercare Centre’s Salon 103 was transformed into an immersive spatial art experience that tickled your visual, audio, and imaginational sensors. Voitek Pendrak is an artist, photographer and cinematographer and his creation featured a combination of generative art projections, courtesy of Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep, mixed with ambient audio artworks including […]

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Charles Pachter: A Romance with Canada

The iconic work of the esteemed Canadian artist Charles Pachter was showcased at the 2022 CNE. Before he became a noted Canadian visual artist, Charles Pachter starred in the National Film Board of Canada film Johnnie at the Fair, which celebrated a five-year old child’s experience at the 1947 Canadian National Exhibition after the fair had […]

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A photo of the Unity Pole outside of the Press Building.

Unity Pole

In early 2017, in celebration of the enormous contribution that Canada’s indigenous people have made to this great land, the CNE commissioned Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang to create a Unity Pole. Incorporating the traditional medicinal colour palette of indigenous peoples: red, white, black and yellow, embellished with other colours, Kris has created a distinctive 25-foot […]

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Warrior Bee

Bees are the epitome of a functional society. Selfless, they work collectively for the achievement of a common goal – bringing sustenance and life to the collective. When threatened, ordinary bees turn into warriors, if necessary, attacking and stinging unwanted perpetrators. This is a selfless act since any bee that stings dies. But the defence […]

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Photo of the 2019 Giant Sand Sculpture featuring the Toronto Raptors theme.

Giant Sand Sculpture

The talented artist Karen Fralich created a massive 100 tonne sand sculpture. This year’s sculpture theme was Farm Animals Having Fun at the Fair! Sand Sculpting Workshop for Kids  Here, children could learn to make their own works of art out of sand at the CNE’s sand sculpting workshops.

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A photo of the CNE sign lit up at night

CNE Signs

Our iconic selfie-destination returned to the fair this year! An 8-foot tall CNE sign featuring a Canadian maple leaf returned to the CNE illuminated in all its glory just inside the historic Princes’ Gates. New this year, two smaller CNE Signs featured our iconic logo were located inside the Saskatchewan and GO/TTC Gates.

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The Green Container Home

The future of housing is here, and it’s green, sustainable, affordable, and attainable. Ballance Container Homes was commissioned to create the Green Container Home, a fully functional living space on a smaller scale. This double wide 20-foot home will be fitted with a completely off-grid system, solar & propane powered. The 320 square foot Green […]

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Toronto Fire Public Education

The Toronto Fire Services (TFS) returned this year with their daily fire safety programing. Held at the CNE Fire Hall, TFS provided fire safety posters, educational brochures, daily raffles, tattoos for kids, and the opportunity to have a photo op with a fire truck!

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Canadian Armed Forces Interactive Area

The Canadian Armed Forces returned to the CNE once again with an interactive area that gave you an all-access pass to military vehicles and life as a troop. Patron could climb aboard military vehicles and discover what our troops experience every day working abroad in this interactive exhibit. The Canadian Armed Forces Band performed in […]

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CNEA Membership Exhibit

The CNEA Membership Exhibit Space provided interested CNE Association Members an opportunity to showcase their organization to the visitors of the fair. Individuals would learn about what these organizations are all about and what they offer. On several days, you can also learn about the CNE’s heritage with this year’s mini exhibit all about the […]

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