A Trip through 103: Therapy for the Soul. Image of people sitting on the ground watching a light display.

A Trip through 103: Therapy for the Soul

This year, the Enercare Centre’s Salon 103 was transformed into an immersive spatial art experience that tickled your visual, audio, and imaginational sensors. Voitek Pendrak is an artist, photographer and cinematographer and his creation featured a combination of generative art projections, courtesy of Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep, mixed with original music including live […]

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Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces Interactive Area

The Canadian Armed Forces returned to the CNE once again with an interactive area that gave you an all-access pass to military vehicles and life as a troop. Patrons could climb aboard military vehicles and discover what our troops experience every day in this interactive exhibit. Times: 10am to 10pm Location: Outside of the Food […]

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CNE Association Membership Exhibit. Image of the booth with posters, print outs and a person standing with the exhibit.

CNE Association Membership Exhibit

The CNE Association Membership Exhibit Space provided interested CNEA Members an opportunity to showcase their organization to the visitors of the fair. They learned about what these organizations are all about, what they offer and how they support their stakeholders or the public. The exhibit booth was located in the north end of the Enercare […]

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Doorways to the past, colourful doors exhibit displaying different periods in time.

Doorways to the Past

Using the technology of today to explore the CNE experience of the past, the Doorways to the Past project took us on a CNE journey back in time. Four self-contained installations were situated throughout the CNE Grounds, with two different experiences featured on either side. Guests were invited to download the AVARA app, hold their […]

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Doors, Through the Horror of War

Doors. Through the Horror of War

The “Doors” art installation created by Ruslan Kurt, told the stories of millions of Ukrainians who were forced to cross the threshold of their homes to escape the war. The “Doors” symbolized the parallel between people and inanimate objects because like people, the doors have their own stories. The exhibit was located in the Rose […]

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Photo of goose sculpture in front of Princess Margaret fountain in the day time.

Goose on the Loose

Based on the great success of our 2019 Raccoons Reimagined project, the CNE returned this summer to pay tribute to another distinctive (an arguably equally annoying) Toronto icon: the Canada Goose! This year, GTA organizations represented persons of various abilities, “goose up” white fiberglass forms of geese into spectacular works of art. Geese statues were […]

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Pristine Seas National Geographic cr Enric Sala_2676504. Image of a seal surrounded by a school of fish forming a circle.

National Geographic Pristine Seas Bringing the Ocean Back

The CNE was proud to host the traveling exhibition National Geographic: Pristine Seas Bringing the Ocean Back at this year’s event. Pristine Seas Photos was organized and transported by the National Geographic Society. Pristine Seas: Bringing the Ocean Back, a photo exhibition curated by the National Geographic Society, opened at the Arts Crafts and Hobbies […]

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Nook of Gnomes Exhibit. Located in Heritage Court, a colouful display of gnomes and large scale woodland items are places at the entrance of the hall.

Nook of Gnomes

A whimsical world of gnomes met CNE visitors as they entered Heritage Court. Legendary spirits known for their small stature and misshapen features, gnomes have been creatures of the earth for centuries. However, at the CNE, the fabled gnomes have grown in stature! Rather than being tiny beings looking up at us, the gnomes were […]

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The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Exhibit mural. Mural of Indigenous people sitting around in a drum circle.

The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Exhibit

Patrons could visit the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation’s exhibit at the CNE from August 18 to September 4 for an interactive experiences focused on the rich history and culture. New to the 2023 exhibit space this year was an authentic Indigenous arts and crafts Artisan Market with limited supply. Time: 10am to 10pm […]

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The Toronto Public Library Exhibit

The Toronto Public Library

The Toronto Public Library was featured at the CNE from August 28 to September 1 with their bookmobile Big Blue, lending books, hosting story times and craft and signing up new members! TPL is the world’s busiest urban public library system, with more than 46 million annual visits to our branches and online. Visit tpl.ca […]

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Toronto Fire Services Exhibit

Toronto Fire Services

Toronto Fire Services hosted a fire station open house from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. between August 18th and September 4th. There were many exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. The event also included a lithium-ion battery safety display and important messages to keep your home and family safe.

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Selfie Hallway Stock Photo

Selfie Hallway

Selfie Hallway was a fun interactive exhibit which allowed guests to experience elements of the fair with a whole new perspective. From large scale aquatic animals, to giant CNE food, neon lights, carnival memorabilia, and historical rides. Guests could visit the Selfie Hallway in the Enercare Centre to take pictures in this exhibit that was […]

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A photo of the Unity Pole outside of the Press Building.

Unity Pole

In early 2017, in celebration of the enormous contribution that Canada’s indigenous people have made to this great land, the CNE commissioned Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang to create a Unity Pole. Incorporating the traditional medicinal colour palette of indigenous peoples: red, white, black and yellow, embellished with other colours, Kris has created a distinctive 25-foot […]

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