A photo of a panda bear laying in a forest

National Geographic

The CNE is proud to host the traveling exhibition National Geographic: The Greatest Wildlife Photographs at this year’s event. For 115 years, National Geographic has pioneered and championed the art of wildlife photography, and captivated generations of audiences with a steady stream of extraordinary images of animals in nature. From the very first such image to […]

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Photo of goose sculpture in front of Princess Margaret fountain

Goosed Up

Following the great success of the 2019 Raccoons Reimagined project, this summer the CNE will pay tribute to another distinctive (an arguably equally annoying) Toronto icon : the Canada Goose! This year, ten GTA organizations representing persons of various abilities, will “goose up” white fiberglass forms of geese into spectacular works of art. Stay tuned […]

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A photo of one of the giant gnomes featured in the entrance of Heritage Court at the CNE.

Nook of Gnomes

A whimsical world of gnomes “meet and greet” CNE visitors as they enter Heritage Court. Legendary spirits known for their small stature and misshapen features, gnomes have been creatures of the earth for centuries. However, at the CNE, the fabled gnomes have grown in stature! Rather than being tiny beings looking up at us, the […]

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A photo of the Unity Pole outside of the Press Building.

Unity Pole

In early 2017, in celebration of the enormous contribution that Canada’s indigenous people have made to this great land, the CNE commissioned Ojibway artist Kris Nahrgang to create a Unity Pole. Incorporating the traditional medicinal colour palette of indigenous peoples: red, white, black and yellow, embellished with other colours, Kris has created a distinctive 25-foot […]

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