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Rules and regulations

Ambassador of the Fair Program

It is not required that the Agricultural Societies follow these rules for their own programs, but if they are welcome to use them for their program if they wish to do so.

  1. Upon receipt of approval of this application, the finalist selected will be present at the Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, for the judging period of the Program.
  2. If she/he wins the title of “CNE AMBASSADOR OF THE FAIRS” they will remain at CNE from August 18th to September 2nd, 2024.
  3. Official entry forms of Agricultural Societies holding similar programs must reach the Canadian National Exhibition by April 30, 2024, except by special permission of the Canadian National Exhibition.
  4. Ambassador of the Fairs Program participants must be at least 18 years of age by August 16th, 2024.
  5. Ambassador of the Fairs Program participants may not be substituted for first runner-up by their society after June 30th, 2024, except by written permission from the CNE.
  6. One 8” x 10” colour, black background, head and shoulders portrait photograph must be arranged by the individual societies. It is recommended that sash or medallion be worn if applicable but no tiaras. This photograph must be submitted along with the application. If unable to do so please advice us by email to [email protected] or [email protected] to make arrangements to email it at a later date.
  7. Participants must report to the appropriate accommodation as indicated by the CNE, except by special written permission of the Canadian National Exhibition and where officially assigned transportation arrangements do not permit such arrival time. Specifics regarding arrival, the name and location of the residence, and complete participant’s itinerary will be forwarded to each participant prior to the Program weekend.
  8. Participants will be disqualified immediately if their qualifications are found to be in contravention of any of the program regulations herein set out. They may also be disqualified and be required to withdraw immediately if they fail to observe any of the instructions and regulations which may be set out by the supervising official of the Ambassador Program.
  9. Participants will be interviewed and judged by a panel of judges at the CNE for 5 minutes. The judges will decide the finalist on the basis of community knowledge and involvement, knowledge of the CNE, agriculture, personality, and presentation.
  10. Participants are to include a short personal biography (100 word maximum) along with the application. They must also bring it along with them in a USB or small electronic device. There will be a seminar on personal biography writing and an opportunity for the participants to revise their initial personal biography prior to the finals. (There will be a laptop available to use at the venue). This biography will be readily available to the CNE staff should the participant win in any category.
  11. During the semi-finals, all participants will present a one-minute speech that they are expected to prepare in advance. Please choose one of the following topics: agriculture, agricultural societies, the importance of agricultural societies, some aspect of your fair, or pride of place (eg. how special your home fair might be; how the CNE exemplifies how special Ontario agricultural fairs are; etc), or what it means to be Canadian.
  12. During the finals, all participants will read a 280 character description of themselves. This 280 character description will be created at one of the seminars during the Ambassador Program weekend at the CNE. This can be described as an elevator talk – you meet a potential employer on the elevator and have to sell yourself before you reach their floor.
  13. The seven semi-finalists who have been chosen will be announced during the finals. At this time, they will deliver the same speech that they presented during the semi-finals. (Please see clause #8.)
  14. Three finalists will then be chosen, and they will each be given the same impromptu question. Answers should last for approximately 45 seconds. During each finalist’s turn, the other two finalists will be sequestered.
  15. The winner of the CNE Ambassador Program and the CNE appointed chaperone will be accommodated at a major hotel in Toronto for the duration of the CNE.
  16. Participants may appear only once in a CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Program.
  17. With the exception of the winner, the participants will return home after the conclusion of the weekend program. The selected Ambassador remains until approximately 8:00 p.m. on Labour Day.
  18. The winner may only hold the title of CNE Ambassador of the Fairs and their original agricultural society title.
  19. All participants must be from fairs who are members of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies.
  20. If an Ambassador is acclaimed by their Agricultural Society to represent them, the participant must have been acclaimed during the regular fair selection period.

If any further information is required, please contact:

CNE Agriculture Department
210 Princes’ Boulevard
Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON
M6K 3C3

(416) 263-3835

Tips on writing your introduction bio

The CNE Ambassadors of the Fairs Competition requires a short bio that needs to be submitted when you apply online. Your bio should be a brief introduction that describes who you are. Begin your bio with your name and agricultural society followed by a few details you want to highlight, like the name of the school you attend, program you are enrolled in, achievements or your future career goal. Feel free to include personal highlights like interests and hobbies or volunteer activities.

  • Keep your bio to one paragraph in length (approx. 100 words, 700 characters).
  • Be sure to include:
    • Your full name
    • Agricultural Society
  • Example draft from previous winner:
    • Agricultural Society Name: First & last name of participant.  [Participant first name] is passionate about sports and fitness and has competed in a worldwide CrossFit competition for four years, testing her capabilities in various ways. For the past two seasons, [Participant first name] has also co-hosted the Brock Sport Management podcast. Additionally, [Participant first name] has participated in the Optimist International Oratorical world championships. [Participant first name] is an active volunteer in the community, with organizations like Georgina Cares and the Optimist Club of Keswick. [Participant first name] currently works as a member of the Toronto FC Game Crew with MLSE and a Fan Experience representative at Tennis Canada. This fall, [Participant first name] will be entering her third year at [University/School Program].