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Board of Directors

May 2024 to Spring 2025 Term

Executive Committee

President & Chair – Randy Bauslaugh
Honorary President – Suzan Hall
1st Vice-President & Section 4 – Jennifer Ward
Vice-President Section 3 – Susan Antler
Vice-President Section 1- Councillor Stephen Holyday
Vice-President Section 2 – Helen Wojcinski

Past President*Honorary President
John KiruSuzan Hall
Section 1 – MunicipalSection 2 – Manufacturers & Industry
Mayor Olivia Chow, by-right-of-office
Deputy Mayor Ausma Malik
Councillor Paul Ainslie
Councillor Stephen Holyday
Councillor Parthi Kandavel
Councillor Chris Moise
Paul Egli
Celeste Kirk
Andrew Mifsud
Ted Papadatos
Helen Wojcinski
Section 3 – AgricultureSection 4 – General & Liberal Arts
Susan Antler
Larry Davis
Darryl Kaplan
Lyle Shipley
Lorna Wilson
Randy Bauslaugh
Mark Stephens
Michael Wallace
Jennifer Ward
Janice Warren
*There are up to 2 voting Past Presidents on the Board in addition to the Honorary President (immediate past) position.

Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA)

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is governed by the Canadian National Exhibition Association (CNEA), an Agricultural Society without share capital incorporated by a Special Act of the Legislature of Ontario. The CNEA and its volunteer Board of Directors operate under the jurisdiction of both this provincial act, An Act respecting the Canadian National Exhibition Association, and the Agricultural & Horticultural Organizations Act of Ontario.

The CNEA is responsible for the planning and presentation of the annual Canadian National Exhibition at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in 1879, the CNE is an 18-day fair that takes place in late summer leading up to, and including, Labour Day.

In 2013, the CNEA became financially independent of Exhibition Place and the City of Toronto. During the period from 1983 to 2013, the CNEA maintained its status as an Agricultural Society and the CNE event was also a program of Exhibition Place. During this time, all CNEA surpluses and deficits were absorbed by Exhibition Place and the City of Toronto. The CNEA’s new independent status enables it to retain the revenues it generates and to re-invest them in the fair.

The CNEA currently has more than 125 members comprised of individuals and associations representing each of the following sectors: Municipal, Manufacturers & Industry, Agriculture and General & Liberal Arts. Member associations appoint representatives to the CNEA and 15 members from the “community-at-large” are appointed directly by the CNEA. Each year, a Board of Directors is elected from this membership giving equal representation to each of the Manufacturers & Industry, Agriculture, and General & Liberal Arts sections. Six representatives of the Municipal section are appointed by Toronto City Council.

If you or your organization are interested in membership in the CNEA, please contact our Corporate Secretary, Sarah Fink at 416-263-5201 or [email protected].