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CNE Association Community-At-Large Members

The CNE Association (CNEA) oversees the not-for-profit agricultural society that produces the end of summer ‘Ex’ fair event and other outside-the-fair events. The CNE Association connects leaders and influencers in various sectors and communities to further the interests of the CNEA and the communities it serves. The CNEA is an oversight organization that is not involved in the day-to-day operations which are handled by the employees. The Association is divided into the following four ‘sections’: Municipal, Manufacturers’ & Industry, Agriculture and General & Liberal Arts. The current governance structure of the CNEA, mostly comprised of associations and organizations, limits the CNEA’s Community-at-Large positions to 15 individuals. These representatives, and all CNEA Member representatives, can serve on committees and/or stand for election to the Board of Directors.*

Expressions of interest for the 15 CNEA Community-at-Large positions were accepted in spring 2023 and appointed by the Board in May 2023. Expressions of interest can be submitted to be kept on file. More information can be provided upon request by contacting the CNE Corporate Secretary (details below).

Applicants should be:

  • Interested in and enthusiastic about the CNE
  • Seeking a position to contribute to help further the interests of the CNEA
  • Looking for an opportunity to get involved in the community and expand your network
  • Able to offer some time to volunteer (time commitments dependent on level of involvement)
  • Able to offer competencies, experience, training and education to share and contribute to a not-for-profit community association
  • 18 years of age or older and a Canadian resident (note: meetings take place in Toronto, Ontario)

General competencies and/or expertise that will help contribute to the CNEA include: finance, risk management, information technology, legal, regulatory and compliance, entrepreneurial/business, human resources, governance, the Arts (music, theatre, visual arts), management, event management, agriculture and food, marketing, sales, not-for-profit or charity/foundation experience, accounting, government relations, public service/government and tourism.

Applications submitted will be kept on file and will be considered for future volunteer participation opportunities should any vacant positions arise. Individuals expressing their interest will be asked to submit a cover letter and a copy of their resume/CV. Your cover letter should note your eligibility, credentials and skills and how you will contribute to the CNEA. Please take note that a phone (or virtual) interview may also be scheduled should opportunities become available and applications on file are considered. 

More information about the CNE/CNEA can be found in other areas of the website

Questions can be directed to the CNEA’s Corporate Secretary to [email protected] or by calling 416-263-5201.

The CNE is committed to fostering an inclusive, accessible environment, where all feel valued and respected. Individuals from diverse communities are encouraged to apply.

Thank you for your interest.

*Some limitations apply according to the CNEA provincial Act & By-Laws.