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Keys to Speeding up the Pace of Play

2024 Lions-CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament 

For many years our Committee has placed a high value on keeping the games fluid in order to foster a pace that will bring out the best from the players and provide a pleasant experience for all spectators, without interfering with the integrity of the game.

Keeping with this tradition we wish to inform all coaches of the following guidelines as recommended by our Committee, our Umpires and your fellow coaches!

These guidelines worked extremely well in past years. To optimize our available playing time we have instituted the following, as indicated in regulation #3, which reads:

“In order to keep our games on schedule, no full inning will start after 1 ¾ hours, unless extra innings are required. The home plate umpire is the official timekeeper and time begins with the first pitch. Once the time limit has been reached the inning in progress will be completed. The Tournament Committee has authorized the veteran umpire crew to add extra time for injuries or where stalling tactics are deemed to have been employed or in any situation where warranted to protect the integrity of the game. No warning is required.”

  • Players will be encouraged to hustle on and off of the field at all times. Our announcers will remind players and the umpires will verbally encourage players, however the key is the coaches’ efforts to make their players aware of the need to jog on and off of the field at all times. The players reflect their coaches’ attitudes.
    • One of our rules states that: the catcher, with two out in the inning, must be replaced as a runner by the last batter to have recorded an out. We want the catcher, with his/her full equipment on, ready as soon as the third out is recorded. Also note that anyone, coach or other player, who catches warm-up pitches must, by OBA regulations, wear the appropriate (protective) gear.  So – have the catcher or the warm up individual ready!
    • Speaking of catchers it would seem only logical to have them ingrained in the habit of leaving all of their equipment together in one spot on the bench.
    • As well, all players should be in the habit of leaving their helmet and glove in one spot; the same spot all the time when not in use (so as to be immediately available).
    • As in higher classifications with runners on base, when the third out is recorded, runner(s) should give their helmet to a base coach and have their glove brought out to them by a teammate, (rather than having to re-enter the dugout).
  • It will not be necessary for a pitcher to throw any pitches for an intentional walk. The coach needs merely to indicate this decision to the umpire and the batter will be automatically awarded first base. In such a case no pitches will be added to a pitcher’s pitch count, although any pitches thrown to a batter prior to the coach announcing an intentional walk will be added to the pitch count.
  • A batter must keep one foot in the batter’s box while checking for the base coach’s signs. If a coach calls for, and is granted, a time out to talk to the batter, the coach should go to the batter rather than the reverse, i.e. meet 2/3’s of the way up to home plate.
  • Meetings at the mound are strictly governed by OBA rules – meetings may only last a maximum of 20 seconds, which the umpires will strictly enforce…and there is rarely a need to meet with the entire infield at the mound.
  • Warm-up pitches between innings will be controlled (by the umpire) depending upon the situation; i.e. the umpire will exercise discretion based on the circumstances, balancing the need to properly warm up with the rules that govern the number of warm- up pitches and any other considerations.
  • We strive for starting games on time (or earlier if we can). Three games in six hours is an objective that our committee members value! Please help. In this regard it is important that immediately at the conclusion of your game have your players clear everything from your benches (so the next team can get in, in a timely fashion to start their game without undue delay). Hold your post game team meeting after clearing your bench (and please do not hold it on, or near, the playing area. We realize this could be your last ‘team speech’, but … your understanding would be appreciated by all.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to foster a pace of play that is comfortable for all concerned. We ask that you relay this information to all your players and your coaches prior to each of your tournament games.