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Image of a girl sitting on a John Deer tricycle in part of the Farm exhibit.

Kids' AgVenture

A huge hit at the CNE for the past ten years, Kids’ AgVenture, a colourful and engaging interactive area, designed for children ages three to ten returned in 2023. In a journey that took them through five miniature barns, kids experienced the life of a farm hand.  

Each barn provided visitors with “hands on” tasks related to planting crops and tending of animals. For example, at the chicken coop, the farm hands fed the chickens the grain they “harvested” and then collected the eggs. At the dairy barn, the children could milk a mechanical cow and collect milk cartons. There was also a tractor area, sheep barn, orchard/garden and grain area. After the children have gone through each of the miniature barns and collected their products, they “sold” them at the market for a fair colouring book.