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Tournament Rules & Regulations

2024 Lions-CNE Peewee Baseball Tournament 

General Information
  1. Teams must be affiliated with the OBA, and their rules will apply subject to exceptions indicated in these Rules & Regulations. This tournament is open to all OBA registered Major Peewee teams. No Minor Peewee teams will be accepted up until May 30, 2024 space permitting.
  2. Teams will be composed of no more than eighteen (18) players carded as Peewees. Players must be born during 2010 or later. Minor Peewees and Mosquitoes are eligible, up to a maximum of 6 players, provided their names are included on the list of eighteen (18) players. A total of twenty (20) awards will be provided for winning teams.
  3. The draw is final. One loss will eliminate teams from further competition.
  4. No infield warm-ups will be permitted until the semi-finals and final game (use sidelines). 
  5. OBA rules regarding equipment will be in effect. The CNE will be responsible for ground conditions, baseballs, umpires, scorekeepers, pitch count recorders and announcers.
  6. Teams are urged to be on hand one (1) hour prior to starting time. A team not on field with nine (9) eligible players at scheduled time will default. It is not unusual for games to start earlier than scheduled.
  7. Managers/coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players on the field. Tobacco and cannabis use is not permitted on players’ benches or in the vicinity of benches. Coaches must be in team uniform.
  8. No protests will be entertained other than for a rule interpretation and this must be done at the time of the play in question.
  9. Similar to the current OBA rule, any player or coach ejected from a game may have no further impact on the game and will be ineligible to participate in their team’s next game.
  10. Speeding Up Play! We will continue this emphasis in 2024. See related info sheet and check playing regulation #14 carefully.
  11. The random opening draw will be conducted by the committee, and passes for admittance to the CNE will be distributed to team Managers/Coaches well prior to the event.
Playing Regulations 
  1. When the catcher is a runner with two out he/she must be replaced as a runner by the last batter to have recorded an out. Coaches do not have a choice regarding this rule. 
  2. Teams will toss for Home Game prior to each game; (home team must use 3rd base benches). 
  3. In order to keep our games on schedule, no full inning will start after 1 ¾ hours, unless extra innings are required. The home plate umpire is the official timekeeper and time begins with the first pitch. Once the time limit has been reached the inning in progress will be completed. The Tournament Committee has authorized the veteran umpire crew to add extra time for injuries or where stalling tactics are deemed to have been employed or in any situation where warranted to protect the integrity of the game. No warning is required.
  4. There will be no time limit for semi-finals and final game.
  5. If the Monday quarter-finals are postponed or not officially completed they will be played or completed the following day (Tuesday). The semi-finals and finals will be played on Wednesday (as scheduled) or, if necessary, on Thursday.
  6. If a game is halted due to weather and 5 innings have been completed (or 4 ½ innings and the home team is leading) the game is official, otherwise the game will be played from the point at which it was halted, on the next available opportunity. Completions on the following day will conform to OBA pitch count regulations. See regulation 13. 
  7. Pitchers will be restricted to OBA regulated pitch count rules and regulations. Pitch count recording will be the responsibility of the CNE Baseball Committee. Note that a player may not pitch on three consecutive days. 
  8. A “mercy” rule of ten runs after 5 innings, or eight runs after 6 innings, will be in effect. We will also adopt the OBA rule of 15 runs after 4 innings.
  9. Balls bouncing over, rolling under or getting stuck in the fence: 
               – Outfield Fence will result in a ground rule double 
               – Infield Fence (including backstop) will result in bases being awarded as per the umpire’s
                 perception of the play in question
    It is suggested that such matters be discussed with the umpire prior to the start of the game. 
  10. The OBA re-entry rule will apply. (A tenth hitter may be listed in the starting lineup, but only nine position players are permitted on the field). A half inning is completed when 3 outs are recorded.
  11. Players “hitting out of turn” are covered under normal baseball rules. Know the Rules!
  12. Teams playing two games on one day will be guided by OBA pitch count regulations. 
  13. For 2024, the tournament will incorporate our own version of an “international” tie-breaking format. After 7 innings or when the time limit expires, whichever comes first, the next inning starts with the last two outs starting at 1st and 2nd, none out, and the regular batting order to be followed from the previous inning. Both teams get to hit. Winner is the team that is ahead after each complete inning.
  14. Under no circumstances are teams or individual players, with or without their listed coaches, allowed to warm-up or practice on the grassed areas south of the Remembrance Drive roadway. There are plenty of grassed areas or unused diamonds for this purpose. This directive will be strictly enforced!